28 11 / 2012

Not wanting to do any photoshop work + not having any clue how to do multiple film exposures = my attempt at creating multiple frames in one image.

Pretty easy actually, but the technique only works in pure darkness.  You’ll need a trigger-able hot-shoe flash for this, unless your camera is more newfangled than mine and does some wizardry on-board.

  1. Acquire pure darkness.  If Hell isn’t available, a backyard works better than a room (light bounces on walls).
  2. Set your camera to a long exposure.  10, 15, 30 seconds - whatever you need.  You’ll work as fast as you can.  might at well set your lowest ISO as well for a smoother output.
  3. Point a flash right at your first frame (my straight on noggin in this one).
  4. Fire off your long exposure
  5. Trigger the flash for the exposure
  6. Reposition the subject or your camera
  7. Trigger the flash for the 2nd exposure
  8. Wash, rinse and repeat until your happy with your result or your flash runs out of batteries.
Pretty simple, really.  The flashing bursts of light create single exposures each time you fire it within one shot.  You can get really creative with it, and save $600 not buying Photoshop as well!  Bonus!

07 8 / 2012

As of IOS6, Apple is removing Youtube from the default apps installed on their operating system.

What the what?!?

Apple, I understand your in a pissing match with Google and want to exorcise their sinful presence out of your ecosystem, but how dumb and inconsiderate can you be by just removing an app you’ve had since the first version of IOS (Youtube) which has major adoption and not replacing it with something of equivalent value?  Unlike Maps, you don’t have an alternative video delivery service to foot the bill. Users are going to download your update and be completely confused when one of their apps is inexplicably gone without any prior notice or follow up explanation why.

For a company that is generally, unequivocally, customer-focused and aware - this is a ball drop of epic proportions when it comes to user experience.  If you want to get rid of Youtube, fine - let it happen on fresh installs, but to anyone that upgrades from a previous version, it should remain, or be auto-installed from the App Store.